The Class Produce Group Commits to America's Farmers

The Class Produce Group (CPG) has an ongoing commitment to source more local fruits and vegetables to keep produce prices down. Sourcing Locally also provides affordable selections that are fresh and healthful, support local economies, cut shipping costs, lower our carbon footprint, and provide fresh produce offerings.

CPG has been working with local farmers since the day we opened our doors. We have many long-standing relationships that have passed down through the generations. Many local farmers have been providing CPG local produce for over 60 years, making us one of the largest buyers of local produce on the East Coast. During the summer months, fruits and vegetables that are both grown and available for purchase within a state’s borders and surrounding states can make up a fifth of the produce available.

Offering local produce has been a natural fit for CPG. We have never turned a farmer away. Whether it's 5 cases or 50 cases, local farmers know they have a partner with Class Produce. Along with our Organic program, and and our recycling and environmental efforts we are taking partnerships with local farmers and business to a new level with a pledge to grow these partnerships. We’re committed to purchasing locally grown produce whenever possible.

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What to Expect From Our Program

  1. All cartons of locally grown produce will be labeled "Locally Grown“ (USA).

  2. Local growers participating in our program to eventually become GAP certified.

  3. Every carton of locally grown produce that enters our distribution system will have the benefit of being handled in compliance with our independent HACCP and traceability systems.

  4. We will provide an entire seasonal calendar showing product availability across a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  5. Sales support material that can be customized to a given customer’s needs, including sales support sheets, and retail shelf POS materials.

  6. Grower profiles and the story of their farm along with photos of the growers that can be used in promotional material/programs.

  7. Promotional and ad pricing of local grown items over the course of the season.

  8. All local grown products have the benefit of being consolidated on orders with our wide range of produce, and delivered via our transportation/distribution system.


So Why Local Produce?

Economic Impact

We estimate that we purchase more than 65 percent of our produce from U.S.-based suppliers, making us one of the largest distributors of American Produce on the East Coast. This relationship with our U.S. suppliers also extends beyond our support of local agriculture. Beyond produce, The Class Produce Group also partners with many local businesses to help support our local economies.

Shortening the Distance from Farm to Fork

Beyond the benefits to consumers and economic opportunities for farmers, CPG commitment to locally grown produce is helping to reduce “food miles” – the distance food travels from farm to fork. It is estimated that in the United States, produce travels an average of 1,500 miles from farms to the homes of consumers. Through better logistics planning, better packing of trucks and local sourcing, companies who practice this can expect to save millions of food miles each year.

So What Exactly are "Food Miles'?

Everyone has felt the sting of this most recent economic downturn. Scarcity of resources have had a profound impact on how business think and do business. Many businesses are coming to realize the many benefits of sourcing locally. As one of the largest Produce wholesalers on the East Coast, we feel we have a responsibility and an opportunity to promote more sustainable practices in the produce industry. One of the most important steps any business can take is reducing food miles by selling locally grown produce in their stores.

In the U.S., it is estimated that produce travels an average distance of 1,500 miles from farms to fork. This not only results in higher fuel costs, but can hurt rural communities where agriculture is the backbone of the economy, hence the term "food Miles". This is why sourcing locally or as locally as possible can have profound effects on local economies and the environment.

When produce has been grown and picked closer to home, it tastes wonderful

Produce tastes best when it’s fresh. We offer fresh produce that’s grown nearby by local farmers that love their work and love their land. Crops are harvested near peak ripeness and delivered to us quickly — rich in flavor and freshness.

We are lucky to have long standing relationships with many local farmers. There are so many local farms that supply a wide variety of produce to us. These farms form the backbone of our local economies. These are farmers that live in our local communities, and take pride in hard work. They also share in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and believe in the highest standards of quality.

We value the relationships between our stores and the local farmers that supply our produce. We want to share with you their fresh, delicious food. The local fruits and vegetables you find in our stores are the freshest and tastiest we offer no matter the season.



You want fresh, local produce? We’ve got it. Enjoy!


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