Tomato Repacking Division


Our Tomato Program

tomatoesLocated in our warehouse, The Class Produce Group Tomato Repacking Division brings a new level of state-of-the-art customization to our customers. This repacking operation is one of the largest areas of growth for our company. Features of our repacking operation include:








heirloom tomatoes

Variety of Product

We offer vine ripened tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, romas, yellow tomatoes, clusters, hydroponics, and mature green.










Automated Sorting

tomato house 3The Tomato Repacking Division utilizes a state-of-the-art computerized automated sorter. This machine is programmed to sort fruits and vegetables according to our customer's exact specifications of color, weight, and size. By utilizing technology for this task results in much more efficient sorting, by reducing human error.

Lowered Labor Costs

By utilizing new technology in our packing facilities, we reduce our labor costs. This enables us to offer you a more competitively priced product, without sacrificing our high level of quality and service. Chlorination System for Bacterial Control A key feature to our operation is cleanliness and food safety. Both of our packing lines have a chlorination system, to wash our products, to help reduce any bacteria that may be on the fruit.



Private Labeling

jeans classy pack logo

We offer a private labeling program. Your logo can be applied directly to the tomato by sticker, printed on boxes or applied to various consumer packs. Of course if preferred, we can use our Jean's Classy Pack brand name.






Ripening Rooms

tomato house

We have 36 pressurized ripening rooms, where ethylene gas is used to bring tomatoes or bananas to the stage of ripeness customers prefer.Due to the number of ripening rooms, we can supply more bananas or tomatoes than our competitors--and ensure that our products are in a perfect state of ripeness when they hit the stores.









tomato house 2Our packaging options allow us to serve retail stores as well as large food services. We offer pre-packaging of our product, or can ship it loose. Our custom packages are available in 5, 10, 20, and 25 lb. increments. In addition, we also offer clamshells or cellophane packaging to allow maximum flexibility in meeting customer needs.





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