CFC Trucking

cfc truckingOur drivers have the necessary licenses to operate equipment ranging from Class C NON CDL  to Class A and B CDL. Our weekly workload for the past year has averaged 775 stops/deliveries. On a daily basis we do 90 to 140 stops per day depending on business levels. We have in the past doubled the amount of stops in response to customer needs with little disruption in service. Our relationships with driver temp agencies and large leasing companies such as Ryder and Penske allow us this ability to react overnight to drastic changes in business levels.

We schedule regular maintenance and cleaning of our vehicles to protect the integrity of our shipments. Our drivers load their own trucks here at our secure warehouse and attend the loads all day to completion of the last delivery. We currently use padlocks on our dock doors to deter theft and any tampering with product. In the past we have utilized door seals when needed or required. We currently do not use seals due to the nature of our business, multiple deliveries to unrelated companies.

All trucks are now GPS equipped allowing us to track our trucks real time and access reports showing the entire days run in 15 minute increments. All drivers carry cellular phones as well which we use for communication with dispatch.







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