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In an industry that mostly relies on handshakes and verbal agreements on a day-to-day basis, you have to earn trust and a good reputation in order to survive.  Through our long history and tradition of excellence, The Class Produce Group (CPG) has established itself as one of the area’s largest suppliers of tropical fruits. Servicing large retail distributors, restaurant food services, smaller market enterprises, and independent buyers, CPG can meet the needs of any size customer.

The banana is America’s #1 best selling fruit. Because the banana is an entirely imported commodity, this extremely perishable product must travel long distances to reach the United States.  It takes precision and timing to ensure that the fruit reaches the consumer in a premium state of quality and ripeness.  Due to our long-standing relationships with hundreds of growers, we are able to supply quantities of bananas in top condition on a year-round basis. CPG not only meets the daily demand for fresh bananas from our customers, but also supplies baby bananas, red bananas, plantains, mangoes, pineapples, yucca, malanga, sugar cane, green coconuts, papayas, and other tropicals.  We pride ourselves on our availability of product, even when the market experiences scarcities. 

banana rooms


Our facilities are geared towards servicing customers and providing food safety.  We have 36 pressurized ripening rooms, where ethylene gas is used to bring bananas to the exact stage of ripeness our customers prefer.  Due to the number of ripening rooms, we can supply more bananas than our competitors--and ensure that our products are in a perfect state of ripeness when they hit the stores. In addition, our fleet of refrigerated trucks can get the product to the customer quickly and in top condition.  We offer readiness to ship within a day of ordering.

With our availability of product, our commitment to quality, and our ability to deliver, we are able to maintain the highest levels of integrity and customer satisfaction that our reputation is based upon.  For a small sample of our tropcial product selection, please see below.


BONIATO (Cuban Sweet Potato, Batiste)

This potato embodies the flavors of a sweet potato, baking potato and chesnuts.




A blend of pumpkin and squash characterize the Calabaza. Brightly colored with a smooth, finely textured meat, this is a versatile addition to soups, cookies, cakes or pies.


CHAYOTE (Mirliton, Vegetable Pear)

Now very popular, the chayote squash blends flavors of turnip, cucumber and zucchini. Entirely edible, the chayote can be sliced and sauteed or deep-fried.


Few people need an introduction to the coconut, which has a worldwide following due to its widespread use as a flavoring in candy, ice cream, and sauces.


The green jalapeno is the unripe version ofthe red which often ships with white veins on the outer skin.

JICAMA (Mexican Potato, Tam Bean)

Once peeled an ivory colored meat is revealed. The meat is juicy and crunchy, similar to waterchestnut.

(Cocoyam, Yautia)

Similar to a yam in appareance and a potato in flavor. Used extensively in Cuba and Puerto Rico.

PLANTAIN (Cooking Banana, Platano)

The plantain is usually shipped green and will age to a dark black if desire. The plantain is used frequently as a vegetable.

POBLANO (Pasilla)

More correctly, this chile is the "poblano"; however, since so many now refer to this chile as a "fresh pasilla", we concede this point.


Both the green and red serranos have a very powerful biting heat. This chile is one of the hottest you can find on a regular basis.


The long sugar cane batons are often used for decoration but the tough outer bark can be peeled back revealing the fibrous, yet sweet and chewy flesh.


TOMATILLO (Husk Tomate, Tomate Verte)

The tomatillo looks like a small green tomato with a thin paper-like husk enclosing it.


YUCA (Cassava, Tapioca, Yuca)

Once the outer bark is removed, a linen-white meat is revealed. Very dense in texture, the Yucca is very starchy.


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