Saving Time, Money and the Environment


Recycling and Environmental education are important to our company and our community.

The Class Produce Group has always been actively involved in anything that benefits the community. Recycling efforts are an extension of that belief. We have taken many steps to minimize our impact on the evironment. From our waste Manegement efforts to our recyling of plastics and paper.

Recyclying receptacles along with posters are everywhere, reminding employees to separate any waste that’s recyclable. The Class Produce Group has a corporate culture that emphasizes recycling. We operate a cardboard compactor, and waste is separated before disposal.

Employee consciousness is important to The Class Produce Group, and is constantly being raised by team leaders, a group of six department managers working with our Sales and Operation departments to train and monitor associate compliance. Team members volunteer for the responsibility because they already are devoted recyclers at home.

environmentalism 2It’s the right thing to do, sure. But these days, there are also very real financial incentives. The Class Produce Group has seen reductions in its solid waste output by 30% , so its solid waste bill will be reduced. Being a good corporate citizen is also important to The Class Produce Group, since the community is affected by environmental business concerns, our efforts in this area help all.