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OUR MISSION: The Class Produce Group is a family-owned business in food distribution that strives to fill its customers’ needs while maintaining excellent relationships with all shippers, associates, and customers. Our flexibility to customize to our customer needs is one of the hallmarks of our reputation for customer service.

The Class Produce Group (CPG) is a company that originated over 70 years ago. The Class Produce Group distributes fresh fruits and vegetables over a 500-mile radius including, but not limited to Baltimore/Washington, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. During that time, our company has built an excellent reputation for quality, service and dependability. The Class Produce Group is a wholesale company and is not a grower; therefore, we can choose from whom we buy our products. CPG only buys from the best growers who pack superior quality. CPG has an excellent credit rating that affords them the power to purchase the best quality produce at or below market price. The “Blue Book”, which is a Produce Company rating service, gives us one of the highest ratings possible. This excellent rating is a combination of our high credit rating and our prompt pay practices.


Quality, Value and Service

Service to us means: dependability, consideration, and communication. 

Quality: We are constantly going over quality standards with our packers.  One measure we tell our packers to use is to never pack anything that they would not buy themselves. The Class Produce Group has fair and competitive pricing. We have alliances with the best grower and shippers. The Class Produce Group has a reputation that is second to none.


Food Safety


We ensure food is safe and of the highest quality through our stringent food Safety program. We received a EXCELLENT rating from Primus Labs, in 2009.We have independent audits every year. We are also a Certified Organic Handling Operation. Food safety training is mandatory for all employees, and conducted in both English and Spanish.We have the highest level of HACCP certification, which was achieved in the fall of 2008.

The Class Produce Group is dedicated to providing a safe and sanitary work environment for all its employees; meeting the customers’ expectation of contaminant free produce; and complying with federal law regarding good manufacturing and personal practices.

For 70 years, the companies comprising the Class Produce Group have demonstrated commitment to ensuring the quality and safety of the products we supply to our customers.  The assurance of providing top quality fruits and vegetables is of paramount importance to the continuing success of our companies.

All of our employees are trained in food safety and security policies.  The plans and records that form the basis of our food safety policy are based on industry-wide acceptable Good Manufacturing Practices, and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures that minimize product risk.






The Class Produce Group must be assured that there are no weak links in the distribution chain that might adversely affect customer relations.

Self-regulation and the institution of a Food Safety Policy applied to all suppliers and vendors are the cornerstones of the Class Produce Group’s efforts to maintain customer confidence in the quality and safety of our products.

The Class Produce Group has therefore initiated the following Food Safety Policy.  We do earnestly request the continuing cooperation and active consideration of all parties.

All suppliers of products and packaging materials must have a Food Safety Program in place that is accessible to audit by an independent “third party.”  This program must include objectives and goals measurable to documented sets of standards and principles.

The four key areas of our Food Safety Program are summarized below:

hand washingGood Agricultural Practices (GAP)
GAPs look at the Control Points (CPs) during the growing and harvesting phase of production.  Some of the areas where CPs should be established include:

  • personal hygiene in the field
  • facility and grounds maintenance
  • pest control procedures
  • maintenance of a safe water supply




Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

GMPs look at the CCPs during any packing or processing phase of production.   Areas in which Critical Control Points are established include:

  • facility hygiene standards
  • personnel hygiene standards, including dress and contamination prevention
  • cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance procedures for food contact surfaces
  • maintenance of a safe water supply

Residue Tolerances

This involves the establishment of Critical Control Points which meet the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) of the U.S. EPA.  Processes must be put in place which prevents the mis-shipment of product to Class companies in which the MRL is exceeded.

Code Date Issues

Federal requirements are being established that will require the receiver or importer of products to have the ability to trace back any product received, or trace forward the shipment of product to customers.  Points of control must be in place to facilitate this recall operation.

The goal of the Class Produce Group companies is to become a preferred supplier of products to consumers across North America.  Supplier attention to detail will greatly assist us in realizing this goal.


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